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Who we are


Why Brandatomy?

Brandatomy is the first company in Egypt that is100% focused on serving medical practices. It’s our goal to help you build and retain your practice by helping you FIND, SERVE, and KEEP more patients profitably.
Yes, We are Different, That’s why:

  1. Medical Specialized: Brandatomy is the first and premier medical specialized marketing
    solutions company in Egypt.
  2. Medical background staff: Brandatomy is having your medical band constructed by a team of medical specialized team members, where your brand is well understood and developed.
  3. Quality: Brandatomy provide the highest quality medical marketing solutions
  4. Integrity: We promise Honesty and trustworthiness in all Brandatomy communications
    with its clients, employees and shareholders
  5. Creativity: Brandatomy is encouraging discovering and sharing new ways to do things through knowledge.


Brandatomy vision is to BE the best and only Medical Marketing solution in the eyes of its clients (Health care providers), employees and shareholders.


Brandatomy will make its vision true by setting the highest standards in service quality along with reliability, consistency, commitment and cost containment in all its medical marketing solutions.

All Brandatomy long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every Brandatomy team member.

Words from founders


  1. Open: Brandatomy is open to all different ideas and cultures to get the best from it and
    customize to fit our industry environment.
  2. Dependable: Brandatomy is a company where you can place your medical brand with
    confidence that it will be looked after in a highly dependable way.
  3. Consistent: All Brandatomy services are offered in a consistent way from day 1 and forever.