Branding and Presentation

Branding and Presentation

We design brands for the healthcare industry 

 'Design adds value faster than cost'. Beautiful, distinctive and easily identifiable branding transforms how your clinic is perceived.

Branding begins with a strong logo design, and carries through all of your media output - web design, advertising, brochures, and posters. It is a visual statement of how you want to portray yourself. Branding is about customer recognition and because we are a full-service design company we can ensure you have consistency across your print and web media. And because we also offer web design and social media management services we can ensure quality of across all your online media too.

What we offer
  1. Creation of logo and branding theme for your clinic.
  2. Design and printing of all your promotional materials (cards, flyers, brochures and stands)Presentation services &Medical conferences posters

Presentation services & Medical conferences posters
A medical presentation/poster is basically like journal article translated into graphic form by shortening the text sections and presenting key findings as bullet points. Some presentations/posters also incorporate graphical elements to help illustrate key points of the research. 

Through our medical specialized team Brandatomy will help you not only in designing your medical posters but also in suggesting the correct illustrative figures (Charts and diagrams) to convey the required message in the easiest and smartest way!

What we offer
  1. Presentations templates design (for medical lectures or conferences) 
  2. Medical posters design and printing