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Dr. Mahmoud El-Fouly (Consultant and Lecturer of Ear, Nose and Throat, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University)

“Working with Brandatomy medical marketing company is a breeze. Their burning desire is to provide what you exactly want from your social media and web marketing venues. Even when you don’t know how to explain what you want, they provide thoughtful questions supporting you as you clarify your thoughts to bring forth exactly what you only envisioned your end project could be. The selling point to move forward in working with Brandatomy marketing was the talent and commitment of their medical background team” Go to page

Dr. Amr Hasan Al-Hasany (Consultant and Lecturer of neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University)

“You cannot really know what social media marketing means unless you work with Brandatomy medical marketing company. They are very professional, punctual and talented. I can say that working with them is a major turn in my career. Their endless ambition and sincere enthusiasm will push up your name exponentially in a very limited time. They always have brilliant ideas and innovative solutions for your business obstacles even the most sophisticated ones.They really made a huge extravagant difference in my medical career” Go to page

Dr. Nashwa Foad (Her Clinic Dermatology and skin care clinic founder)

Brandatomy introduced the real meaning of Medical specialized marketing company in Egypt. Brandatomy -Unlike non Medical marketing companies- understood our medical business, Brandatomy connected us with an interested prospective patients, and presented real ideas for our medical business that yield profitable results. I recommend their medical marketing services for health care providers.” Go to page

Dr. Ahmed Bakry Sleim (Prosthodontist and smile expert,
Member of American academy of sports dentistry and
owner of American Dental Care Clinic)

"I would highly recommend Brandatomy to any Health care provider looking for a company to quickly and efficiently tackle their medical marketing needs, large or small. We've asked Brandatomy to help us with a wide range of different marketing tasks, and they performed all marketing activities with great efficiency and enthusiasm, which makes it a great pleasure to work with them as Brandatomy quickly understands what's required and completely embraces the ethos of the Clinic, making you feel like you have an additional dedicated member in your Clinic’s team."

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Al Rehab Specialty Poly Clinics (Launching Phase)

DarAlMaraa (Launching Phase)

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Dr.Nashwa Foad (Launching Phase)

Queen Lines Center for Plastic Surgeries and Laser (Launching Phase)