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Clinic Software



Clinicatomy is a leading clinic management software which provides many features to automate every aspect related to clinics starting from daily tasks and ending with decision making.

Our goal is make it easy for you to manage your clinic, save time on daily tasks, and allow you to focus on what matters most to your business – your patients.

It provides comprehensive features with easy -to-use interface to ensure that your clinic is running smoothly.


a powerful tool to make booking appointment easy, decrease the number of missed appointments by sending reminders via SMS, email.

EMR (electronic medical records) solution

Facilitate the creation, storage, and organization of electronic medical records, including patient charts, electronic prescriptions, lab analysis, and evaluations


It provides rich and complete reports, which help you to take the right decision on time and makes information available everywhere and anytime. Clinicatomy is customizable application, which can fit any clinic size starting from small to large size. It’s your choice if you need to automate everything in your clinic.